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Strata terminology across Australia  

6th June 2024

Although there are strata communities across all states and territories in Australia, the legislation that governs them and the language used to describe them is different.  

 To relieve some of the confusion, we’ve outlined the common terms and their variations in our quick reference guide.  

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Are you thinking of buying an electric vehicle?

12th March 2023

Demand for electric vehicles (EVs) in Australia is growing, with the EV market share increasing by 65% in 2022 to 3.39% of new light vehicle (car) sales1. While this lags other developed nations, such as the UK, where one in five new cars sold is electric, we know demand in Australia will continue to increase. Moderate estimates predict EVs will represent 49% of total vehicle sales by 2030, and 100% of total vehicle sales by 20402.

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Cyber Security

22nd February 2023

Australian businesses and individuals face a growing threat from data breaches, and email and SMS text messaging scams. With 20 times* more data breaches than the global average, both businesses and individuals in Australia need to be extra vigilant to protect themselves from cyber fraud.


What you need to know about strata insurance

15 November 2022

When you’re trying to navigate the complex world of strata insurance, you’re bound to come across a lot of technical terms and industry jargon.

We’ve simplified the main things you need to know below.

Insurance coverage

Don’t fall into the underinsurance trap!

18 July 2021

If you don’t know your rebuild cost from your replacement value, then you could find yourself without adequate insurance cover. By obtaining a comprehensive property valuation, you know exactly how much insurance is enough.

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