Build to rent

A residential property development where all of the units/apartments are retained by an Owner, Developer, Managed Investment Trust or another entity.

In build to rent, the units are leased directly to tenants and cannot be sold individually. A property sale includes all units in the building.

A build to rent property isn’t registered as a strata title and has no body corporate/owners strata company. Each unit is leased out under an individual residential tenancy agreement.

Who it's not for

  • Developers that build a residential development and sell the units to individuals to either live in or rent out as an investment.

  • Strata title properties, where individuals have ownership over their own lot such as an apartment or townhouse, as well as shared ownership over the common property.

  • Properties where more than 9% of the tenancies are commercial (eg cafe, retail, public gym)

  • Tenants, landlords or people that live in buildings that are required to be insured by strata body corporates or similar entities.

What is not covered?

The policy doesn’t cover the following.

  • The insured's own contents where they occupy/live in a unit.

  • A tenant's contents and any other personal property.

  • Temporary wall, floor and ceiling coverings within a unit.

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