Personal cyber protection insurance

Covers you, your family, your identity, your reputation, your money and your time when a cyber event occurs.

Personal cyber insurance is about more than the bits and bytes in your laptop, tablets and smart devices.

Whether it’s how we communicate, purchase items and/or coordinate our family’s busy schedule, we’re heavily reliant on technology. Our dependence on the internet, and the exponential growth of web-enabled devices and social media, has resulted in people being much more interconnected, introducing new risks into our homes and everyday lives.

Cyber risks increased dramatically during the COVID-19 health pandemic as online shopping became the norm and we used digital technology to find efficiencies and communicate. But criminals are also using technology to scam people and steal their identities, with a 40% increase in cyber bullying.

As technology continues to infiltrate our lives, protecting yourself and your family against cyber risks has never been more important.

By making personal cyber protection insurance part of your household’s cyber risk mitigation and recovery strategy, you can be confident you’re protected against the costly ramifications of cyber events.


Malicious or unauthorised home IT infrastructure access or malware that aims to gain control of systems.


Electronic communication through your home IT that targets your child or teenage family member with the aim of tormenting, harassing, humiliating them.

Personal financial loss

Loss of funds due to cyber theft, or charges/costs incurred by you due to sim-jacking or crypto-jacking.

Cyber extortion (ransomware)

Attacks or threatened attacks against your home IT infrastructure, coupled with demands for money to stop attacks.

Repair to e-reputation costs

The removal or mitigation of internet publications that defame your reputation.


Malicious use of your home IT to stalk, abuse, control or frighten you.

Wage replacement benefit

Payment of lost wages after taking unpaid leave in response to a cyber crime event.

Identity theft

The unauthorised access to and use of your identity because of a cyber event to your home IT.

Professional advice

Insurance can also connect you with professionals who can help re-establish credit histories following ID theft and assist in trying to reclaim stolen funds, as well as offer advice on cyber bullying and wage replacement benefit.

This insurance is not suitable for home based business enterprises.

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