Business insurance for strata managers

Having the right level of protection is critical for your business continuity.

We’re experts in understanding the business of strata, so we can provide strata managers with tailored advice and a superior service experience.

BCB can look after all the insurance needs for your business, from professional indemnity to cyber protection.

Professional Indemnity

Provides protection for your company and employees who provide professional advice or services. It covers against claims for financial loss arising from errors or omissions due to a breach of professional duty. You can also choose to add on Fidelity and Previous Business insurance.

Management Liability

Designed for private companies, this cover protects directors and officers from claims made by employees, regulators, creditors, customers and suppliers. It includes the following.

Directors and Officers

Corporation Reimbursement cover

Corporation Liability Entity cover

Employment Practices Liability

Superannuation Trustees liability

Crisis Cover

Fines and Penalties


Commercial Office and Public Liability Insurance

Provides a broad range of insurance options.

  • Buildings, contents, plant and machinery against accidental damage, fire, earthquake, storm and tempest, and other perils.

  • Business interruption that leads to loss of profits, increased cost of working and rewriting of records resulting from an insured peril.

  • Theft of contents.

  • Machinery breakdown.

  • Accidental damage or loss of electronic equipment.

  • Public and Products Liability to third parties for personal injury and property damage arising out of your business.

  • Money insurance for loss of money, cheques and credit cards.

  • Point of Sale (PoS) intrusions

    Remote attacks against retail transactions for card-present purchases.

  • Physical theft and loss

    Where information assets go missing through misplacement or malice.

  • Cyber espionage

    Unauthorised network or system access linked to state-affiliated or criminal sources with the motive of espionage.

  • Hacking/Crimeware

    Malicious or unauthorised IT infrastructure access or malware that aims to gain control of systems.

  • Miscellaneous errors

    Unintentional actions directly compromising the security attributes of information assets.

  • Insider and privilege misuse

    Unapproved or malicious use of organisations’ resources by insiders or external misuse through collusion.

  • Cyber extortion

    Attacks or threatened attacks against IT infrastructure, coupled with demands for money to stop attacks.

  • Payment card skimmers

    Skimming devices physically implanted on assets that read magnetic stripe data from payment cards.

  • Web app attacks

    Exploiting code-level vulnerabilities in applications and thwarting authentication mechanisms.

  • Privacy error

    Your acts or omissions that lead to unauthorised disclosure of data including non-electronic data.

  • Denial of service (DoS)

    Intentional compromising of networks and systems’ availability. Includes network and application layer attacks.

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Working in the interests of the owners, BCB provides dedicated broking resources and a full market solution, complimented in-house claims expertise, including for large and catastrophic events.