Our commitment to compliance

Our compliance framework isn’t just a compilation of guidelines, procedures and legislations. It’s a living and breathing culture which underpins our operations as a Licensee to ensure we achieve and maintain the highest quality of professional advice and services for our customers.


Our compliance culture is guided by the following four principles.

1. Commitment

We’re committed to acting within the relevant legal, ethical and legislative frameworks which guide our practices. Our policies and procedures are intended to help our employees to follow this commitment.

2. Transparency

We encourage our employees and Authorised Representatives to pass on complaints and highlight errors as part of a “no blame” culture for self-reported breaches.

3. Monitoring and measurement

We’ll provide the services and resources to monitor our operations in line with our framework and provide feedback to ensure our employees, Authorised Representatives and customers all enjoy the benefits of our compliance culture.

4. Continual improvement

We strive to continuously improve all aspects of our business, so we can consistently achieve and maintain operational excellence.

Compliance statement

We expect all employees and Authorised Representatives to show an ongoing commitment to professionalism and integrity. Our objective is to ensure BCB and our Authorised Representatives comply with all relevant legislative and best practice code obligations.

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