The BCB Claims Promise

Insurance claims happen. It could be a storm, fire, impact or plumbing failure.

Whatever the cause, BCB will help you through the claim process. We are your claims advocate and work tirelessly to achieve the best possible claim outcome.

Our dedicated national BCB Claims Team is experienced, professional, understanding and ready to assist when the worst happens wherever you are in Australia. We understand strata insurance and strata claims, and our long-standing industry relationships give us unique insight into what insurers need to process claims quickly.

We’re right with you every step of the way and always act in the best interest of our customers.

BCB has been building relationships with strata managers, insurers, assessors, repairers and the strata community for over 25 years. Our dedicated BCB Claims Team manages claims full-time - they are the unrivalled experts.

  • We have a personal approach to claims management. A dedicated Claim Consultant will manage your claim from start to finish and you’ll have their direct contact information.
  • We have earned respect from insurers through our level of professionalism and technical knowledge. Our Claims Consultants know and understand the policies and your rights.
  • We will always answer your questions and we negotiate with insurers and assessors on your behalf to achieve the best possible outcome.
  • We review all claims decisions. We are creative and investigative and use our experience and knowledge of case law and legislation to identify and challenge outcomes. If we believe your claim has been unfairly declined, we will appeal the decision on your behalf.
  • We will be honest – if we agree with an insurer’s decision to decline a claim, we will cut through the jargon and explain why.
  • We will communicate and keep you informed throughout the claims process.

Not all damage is covered by strata insurance policies. You cannot claim for defects, maintenance, wear and tear, or failure of items that are passed their useable or expected life. However, most policies should cover the damage that is caused by the failure.

There are some simple steps you can take to make sure your property is safe and to prevent further loss or damage when an insurable event occurs. However, never undertake repairs until you have permission from your insurer.

  • Prevent further loss and ensure people are safe. You or your Strata Manager may need to call a plumber or other specialist trade to assist with plumbing or roof works, or to carry out other emergency repairs to make your property safe.
  • Make the area of damage safe. You may need to cordon the area off and call tradespeople to do emergency make-safe works.
  • Take photos. Before any work is carried out, make sure you have evidence of the original extent of the damage for the insurer. If rising water is threatening to enter your property from a weather event, take digital photos of the process. Photos may be the difference between establishing whether the water is from stormwater or flood.
  • Contact BCB in normal hours or your Insurer after-hours, particularly if a property is uninhabitable and people must be moved.
  • Repair glass breakage. Glass can generally be replaced before you lodge a claim. If the glass can’t be replaced immediately, you should ensure it’s boarded up by professionals. And if the glass is unusually expensive, we recommend you get a quote and lodge a claim before replacing it.
  • Remove water. Water must be removed quickly because the longer it’s in a property, the more damage it will do. Notify BCB or your insurer as soon as possible to limit any unnecessary restoration costs.

Making an insurance claim can be a stressful time, but BCB will manage the entire claim process for you, giving you peace of mind that you’ll achieve the best possible outcome.

  • It starts with a phone call. In an emergency, make a phone call to get the process underway.
  • Minor damage. Obtain two quotes, complete a claim form and lodge with a cause rectification invoice if one is necessary and able to be provided.
  • Moderate damage. Contact BCB and we’ll guide you through next steps.
  • Assessors and panel repairers. They are appointed by the Insurer and are its representative on site; however, they are not appointed to all claims.
  • Where a third party is responsible for damage to the property. Please provide their contact details as well as anything else that is relevant such as vehicle details or insurance policy information.
  • Theft. If items owned by the Strata Plan are stolen, proof of ownership and a quote to replace the item is required. The theft must also be reported to the Police.
  • Loss of rent. A lease agreement confirming the property was rented at the time the loss occurred is required.
  • Commercial glass breakage. Where a commercial property is tenanted, the tenant may be responsible for glass breakage under their lease agreement.
  • Disposal. Never dispose of damaged items without approval from the insurer.
  • Replacement, not betterment. Your policy replaces damaged items with similar items on a ‘new for old’ basis. The claim should put you into the same position you were in prior to the loss occurring.
  • Non-matching of materials. If the damaged item is no longer available, it will be replaced with as close a match as possible. Undamaged items, such as tiles and kitchens benches are not replaced because they can’t be matched.
  • Carpets and personal property. Carpets and soft furnishings within private lots, and personal property of any description, aren’t covered by strata insurance.

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